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About us

What is the 3RBA?

Three Rivers Business Alliance (3RBA) is a membership-based, business advocacy organization dedicated to making the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region an influential and diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other nonconforming persons (LGBTQ+) business community by promoting economic development and growth through equal opportunities, insightful education, effective leadership, and lasting partnerships. 

Our mission

As a chamber of commerce, 3RBA's mission is to promote, expand, and improve the economic interests of businesses owned by LGBTQ+ persons in the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region and their allies by engaging in the following activities throughout its operations:

1. Economic Development: 3RBA helps its members grow their businesses through opportunities to increase brand visibility, improve their skills as owners and managers, and build relationships with potential clients. As part of this activity, 3RBA assists its members to become certified as an LGBT Business Enterprise® (LGBTBE®) by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). By becoming a certified LGBTBE, 3RBA members will be able to build partnerships and other relationships with America's leading corporations, generate prospective business and clients, and collectively team with each other for contracting opportunities.

2. Strategic Partnerships: 3RBA serves as a network of potential clients, knowledgeable peers and community partners looking to promote Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region's LGBTQ+ business owners and their allies and to address common economic interests for the betterment of such LGBT+ business owners. To create that network, 3RBA hosts periodic meetings, lunches, mixers, tours, forums, workshops and other events so that its members and other LGBTQ+ business owners in the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region and their allies can learn about each other and discuss ways to improve the LGBTQ+ business community. Also, 3RBA provides marketing and sponsorship opportunities for its members and others and will collaborate with other area business chambers and non-profit organizations in activities that serve to improve the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region's LGBT+ business community. Further, 3RBA provides an on-line business directory for its members to access and use for networking opportunities.

3. Education: 3RBA educates its members and other LGBTQ+-business owners and their allies on best practices and common economic interests for the betterment of all LGBTQ+ business owners in the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region. This education is provided as part of the periodic meetings, lunches, forums, workshops, etc. Also, 3RBA provides on-line access to training, resources and other educational opportunities via the operation of a website and other social media.

4. Advocacy: 3RBA serves as a leader and advocate for fostering diversity and inclusion and promoting common economic interests for the betterment of all LGBTQ+ business owners in the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region. Such advocacy addresses civil rights and business friendly public policy on a local, state and federal level.

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