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Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Elevate your company’s impact and visibility by taking the unique opportunity to support and empower LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs facing unique challenges in the business world. By attaching your company’s name, you not only showcase your commitment to social responsibility and diversity, but also enhance your brand’s recognition within the broader community. This provides vital financial support, mentorship, and resources to LGBTQ+ business owners, driving their growth, innovation, and sustainability --  creating a legacy of positive change, promoting equality and creating economic opportunities in the LGBTQ+ business community. Join us in fostering a more inclusive and prosperous business landscape by sponsoring today.

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Sponsor Names (1) LGBTQ+ Small Business Grant

Sponsoring an LGBTQ+ Small Business Grant is an investment in the future of entrepreneurship, diversity, and inclusivity. It extends a helping hand to LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who may face unique challenges in accessing resources and funding. By sponsoring such a grant and attaching your name to it, your company not only demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility but also gains increased visibility and brand recognition within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. The impact on the grantee is transformative, providing much-needed financial support, resources, and mentorship to drive business growth, innovation, and sustainability. The fact that the grant bears the sponsor's name creates a legacy of positive change and reinforces the sponsor's dedication to promoting equality and economic opportunities for LGBTQ+ business owners. In essence, this sponsorship is a powerful gesture that bridges communities, empowers entrepreneurs, and contributes to a more inclusive and prosperous business landscape for everyone involved.

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