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3RBA Members receive a 10% discount on registering a .lgbtq domain name through Pride Life. Contact coliver@3rba.com for details and member coupon code.

The world’s only LGBT-certified business selling domain names calls on others to support LGBT-owned business

Bringing LGBT-ownership into the domain registrar industry was long overdue back in 2019 when PrideLife initially launched, and our partnership with over two dozen LGBTQ organizations since has helped benefit an underserved consumer group in just two short years.

It’s no secret that the LGBTQ consumer can be difficult to identify, sometimes because the closet door shields them from sight and others because brands aren’t looking in the right places. Gay bars were among the first places brands used to reach and measure the impact LGBTQ was having on their bottom line, but primarily for just for spirit and beer brands.

How do you create a simple metric that can help track your LGBTQ engagement?

Try using the power of the Internet. A custom domain name used exclusively in LGBTQ specific messaging or creative helps to garner a sense of how many LGBTQ people are interested or open to engaging with your brand. It’s not an end-game strategy, but certainly a beginning.

Web analytics tied to a domain used exclusively in LGBTQ marketing will immediately begin to show if your brand messaging or creative is inspiring LGBTQ consumers enough to click.

Using a domain like yourbrand.LGBT or mybrand.GAY sends a clear sign to LGBTQ consumers that you are actively inviting them to your brand. It also reinforces that you see and value them as an audience, are comfortable being bold, and are willing to speak their language.

PrideLife has been disrupting the traditional registrar business and inspiring a more diverse domain name eco-system on the Internet through .LGBT and .GAY registrations. As the world’s first and only LGBT-certified business selling domain names, PrideLife now provides a business option for consumers who wish to support LGBT-owned enterprise and for corporations looking to count their domain registrations as diverse spend. Both occur with every new registration and domain transfer into PrideLife, including all names on .COM, .ORG and many others.

Whether a business is LGBT-certified or simply owned and operated by a member of the LGBTQ community, let’s all considers ways to lift them up and strengthen our community.

As a chamber of commerce, Three Rivers Business Alliance (3RBA) helps its members grow their business through opportunities to increase brand visibility, improve their skills as owners and managers, and build relationships with potential clients.  To foster these opportunities, 3RBA offers a number of resources, including a job bank, public and member only directories, and a listing of local, state and national organizations and other resources for LGBT+ individuals and their businesses.

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